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Buy an apartment in Kiev under the program єOsela

In 2023 in Ukraine there is an opportunity to buy an apartment under the єOsela program. In short, this program is a new program of affordable housing loans initiated by the President of Ukraine.

The єOsela program is now available:

  • Contract servicemen (defenders of Ukraine, law enforcers and their family members);
  • Health care workers (specialists and professionals of public and communal health care institutions);
  • Teaching staff (educational institutions of state and communal form of ownership);
  • Scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers (educational institutions and scientific institutions of state or communal form of ownership).

Now the program "єOsela" is gaining popularity and people are interested in the terms of the mortgage. We will not tell in detail about the terms of crediting (you can choose the bank and read their conditions). We are searching for an apartment for purchase under the program "єOsela".

How to buy an apartment in Kiev under the єOsela program

єOsela for all at 7%

From August 1, 2023 you will be able to take advantage of the affordable loan program єOsela at 7%. To buy an apartment it is enough to contact us realtor in Kiev and make a request in which you will specify your own wishes for the future apartment (location, neighborhood, floor, number of rooms, etc.).

Ukraine plans to expand the affordable mortgage program "єOsela", according to Prime Minister Denys Shmygal. Now the program will be able to participate not only military, law enforcement officers, teachers, doctors and scientists, but also other citizens who do not have their own homes. For the latter, the preferential annual rate will be 3% in dollars and 7% in hryvnia, the first installment - from 20%, loan term - up to 20 years. Shmygal noted that already issued mortgage loans amounting to more than 1.2 billion hryvnias. It is expected that changes in the program will intensify the provision of mortgages and help Ukrainian families in need of housing to get it faster.

"єOselia" is a state program of mortgage lending for housing in Ukraine, launched in October 2022. Initially, only military, security forces, medics, teachers and scientists could take part in it. Since August 1, the program has been expanded, and other categories of citizens will be able to participate in it.

The main advantage of "єOsel" - the opportunity to buy a home in the mortgage at 3% for privileged categories and 7% for others, while banks offer rates of 15-25%.

Preferential mortgage with a rate of 3% can be used by Ukrainians who:

Between the ages of 18 and 70 at the time of repayment;

  • Belong to one of the privileged categories (military, security forces, teachers, medics, education and science workers, their families);
  • As of August 1, detectives and senior detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, employees of the State Bureau of Investigation, detectives and senior staff of the Economic Security Bureau and their families;
  • Do not own housing or have housing less than 52.5 m² + 21 m² for each family member in addition, or own housing located in a war zone or temporarily occupied territory;
  • Do not participate in other existing government housing programs;
  • Able to pay the loan;
  • Do not appear on the sanctions lists.

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